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In an era that is being called the 4th Industrial Revolution, we are experiencing seismic shifts in the way we interact with each other and our environment. As E-commerce becomes pervasive, Interconnectivity advances, Artificial Intelligence matures and Blockchain becomes commonplace, the laws of technology are having to respond more nimbly and innovatively to balance public and private interests.


If you are an entrepreneur, technologist, policy-maker or legal professional then the 'law of tech' questions you must be asking are:

• How should emerging technologies be regulated to encourage responsible innovation and to prevent abuse?

• How can enterprise and policy-makers engage in constructive and pre-emptive discussion about such regulatory issues?

• What are the legal issues which are surfacing as a consequence of technological advancement?

• How can the law respond effectively to these issues?


At the same time, technology's impact on the practice of the law is also undeniable. In areas such as information and document management and review, legal research, legal data analytics and even contracting, computational law, machine learning and predictive analytics are changing the nature of legal services, access to justice and how we define the 21st century legal professional.



If you use or provide legal services, work in a law firm or legal department, or are interested in the opportunities to develop technologies for the optimising of legal processes, delivery of legal services and to facilitate access to justice then the 'tech of law' questions you must be asking are:

• What are the range of legal technologies available to enable value-added legal services?

• How do you identify what legal technologies to adopt sustainably and how do you go about implementing processes that support its use?

• What problem statements exist which might provide opportunities to innovate in the area of legal technology?

• How is legal technology changing the practice of law and justice system and how do we adapt effectively to such change?


TechLaw.Fest 2018 will take place from 4-6 April 2018 in Singapore. It will bring together leading thinkers in the space of Technology Law and leading makers in the space of Legal Technology. Three tracks of activities will cater to a wide range of TechLaw interests:

• The main conference, themed “Smart Regulations for a Digital Economy”, will be a deep dive into the novel regulatory approaches which are being explored and tested to help societies and businesses nimbly navigate the rapid pace of technological advancement and the legal conundrums which arise.

• Teams in our start-up village will be working hard in our Future Law Innovation Programme hackathon. Pop in to observe their progress, cheer them on, or even participate in user testing of prototypes!

• Stroll through the legal technology exhibition of mature as well as cutting-edge legal technologies, and pop into a variety of hands-on masterclasses and workshops to give a little lift to your legal tech competence.


TechLaw.Fest is about lively experimentation and meaningful action. Meet where it matters. Join us in 2018!







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