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Problem Statements

The FLIP Problem statements:






The PDPC problem statements:


The PDPC has also defined an additional 4 problem statements relating to Data Protection that teams can create solutions for:


1. Organisations, especially SMEs, might need help to draft privacy statement(s) as it might be costly for them to engage professional legal services to do so. How might they obtain a privacy statement(s) within specified parameters that are customized to their organisation’s needs?


2. Organisations embarking on projects that need to handle personal data should perform an assessment of the risks and impact to help them identify data protection issues and risks early and meet the data protection obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act. How might they be equipped with a tool that can help them assess the risk level of the personal data that they collect, use and disclose, so that management decisions can be made in a consistent manner?


3. For organisations that handle a lot of customers’ personal data in their day-to-day operations, how might they ensure that they do not collect, use and disclose the customers’ personal data beyond the purpose(s) or the specific mean(s) that their customer’s consent was given for?


4. With multiple departments handling different types of personal data (consumer and/or employee), it is important for the Data Protection Officers to maintain a comprehensive Personal Data Asset Inventory in order to have an oversight of the personal data flows within the organisation. How might they keep track of which department collects what personal data, where the personal data is kept, for how long the personal is retained and who is responsible for updating it and who can decide who can access it and how it can be shared?








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