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9H00 - 9H15


Speech: "Smart Regulation Amid Technological Disruption"

Vivian Balakrishnan

Minister-in-Charge of the

Smart Nation Initiative, Singapore

9H15 - 10H00


Smart contracts and blockchains are an evolving technology considered to be in early adoption. While smart contracts have achieved great things in the world of business so far, the tech innovations that are still to corne will have revolutionary effects on privacy, security, immutability and enforceability in tech law. Blockchain technology has many obstacles to overcome to achieve this mainstream adoption.

The underlying technology of the Ethereum blockchain does not have the scalability to handle the world's current business needs. The process of creating smart contracts on the Ethereum platform requires technical knowledge and constant rethinking to keep up with the changing pace of international business. Ashton Addison will be sharing how this magnificent technology when it reaches its potential may not only reshape how lawyers approach tech, it may revolutionize how companies are incorporated, raise capital, distribute assets and conduct business domestically and internationally.

10h 00 -  Teabreak

10h30 - 12h00


Smart Regulation for a Smart Nation

This panel will feature a range of perspectives on, and approaches to, the regulation of emerging technologies and technological innovation. What types of mindsets and actions do governments and policy-makers need to adopt in order to create spaces for experimentation while protecting against exploitation? What are the thoughts of the technology creators on regulations and what are their experiences on such regulations in different jurisdictions?

These questions will be critically discussed by panellists from the public and private sector, with reference to case studies from a range of industries and jurisdictions. Traditional regulatory mechanisms such as individual and class licenses will be examined for their relevance and limitations. The Singapore Fintech experience will guide discussion about the desirability and challenges of regulatory sandboxes. Forms of ex ante regulatory clearance and industry codes of conduct and best practices will also be explored as more agile and community-driven alternatives to hard regulation. The session will conclude with a distillation of key characteristics and considerations of a smart approach to regulation in a digital age.








12h00 - Lunch

13h30 - 15h00

Panel 2

Regulating Intelligent Systems

What is artificial intelligence (AI) and to what extent does the deployment of the technology challenge existing legal and regulatory frameworks? This panel grapples with the tricky issue of whether new forms of laws and regulations are required for the regulation of technologies which have degrees of autonomous function such as driverless cars, technology-assisted document review, recidivism profiling systems, sentencing and case outcome prediction systems, chat-bot customer service, robot care-givers and other services and products which rely on autonomous decision-making made possible by cognitive computing. Is the regulation of AI desired or even possible, and should regulation be outcomes-focused and technology neutral, addressing the effects of the technology rather than the AI itself?

Might it be possible to conceive an approach to AI regulation that is analogous to Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics and what would the contents of such universal principles look like? In all of this, what are the ethical considerations which would guide the actions of the human individuals creating and using such intelligent systems? This session will attempt to appreciate the challenges of responding to these questions from both the maker and the regulator perspectives.






Michael Tan

Head of Legal, Southeast Asia

and India Legal Partnerships


Susan NING

Senior Partner, Head of the Commercial

and Regulatory Group

King Mallesons Woods Beijing

15h00  -  Teabreak

15h30 - 17h00

Panel 3

The Power and Pitfalls of Smart Contracts


Way beyond Bitcoin and demonstrating a continued thirst for decentralisation, transparency and trust, is a larger wave overtaking the way businesses are interacting with their customers and other businesses, and managing their transactions, exemplified by the emergence of smart contracts in the forms of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs), Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Token Generating Events (TGEs).

Why are smart contracts taking the world by storm? When does a contract become "smart" and what makes for a "smart contract"? How are regulators keeping up with and how should they regulate smart contracts, if at all? Is the law adequately developed to address the challenges posed by smart contracts and serve their growing needs? With blockchain hitting the mainstream, and unleashing a seemingly limitless potential for smart contracts and their wide-ranging application across myriad industries, a closer study of what all this means for businesses , regulators, judges and lawyers, is timely. The revolution cuts across technology to the handling of contractual rights and obligations, contractual disputes, cross-border contract negotiation and conclusion, and how contract value is defined in non-fiat financial terms. This panel takes a deconstructed look at what has happened in recent times in this space, and a conspectus of what lies ahead.












17h00 - 18h00






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