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10h00 - 11h00


The Current State and Future of Legal Technology Adoption in ASEAN


This session will be a bird’s eye view of the impact that legal technology is having on legal services within ASEAN. What are some of the existing practical challenges posing as barriers to legal tech adoption? How can they be addressed? Are prevailing attitudes a problem and is fear an adequate reason to change? Are we moving too fast or not fast enough? What are the implications for legal services within ASEAN? Engage with the responses to these questions are from an ASEAN perspective.


Opening Address / Moderated by:

Gregory Vijayendran


Law Society of Singapore

11h00  -  Teabreak

11h30 - 12h45


Deliberate Disruption: A Tale of Three Law Firm Tech Journeys


In this session, three law firms will share their thinking behind decisions to embrace technology. The impact on technology adoption on productivity, business models, people development and legal services offerings will be explored. The matter of innovation in law firms will also be discussed, in particular the nature of innovation in a legal services environment and what is needed to support it.


Matt PollinsHead of TMT and Innovative ChampionCMSSophie MathurCorporate Partnerand Global co-Head of InnovationLinklaters

12h45  -  Lunch

14h15 - 15h15


Understanding and Managing the Risks of Technology Adoption in Legal Services Environments

What are the risks associated with technology adoption in legal services? A lot has been said about the benefits of adopting technology in the delivery of legal services. At the same time, there are real risks associated with an uninformed adoption of such technology. What are they? What might a technology risk register for a law firm or legal department look like? And what are some best practices for mitigating such risks? Join us and find out!

15h15  -  Teabreak

ROOM 325

ROOM 326

15h45 - 16h45

Legal Tech Masterclass session

Legal Technology and Human-Centred Legal Design: Getting Started


Technology will enhance and augment how we deliver legal services and how clients interact with such services. In this, it is necessary to appreciate technology as a means and not an end in itself. How can we offer technology-enhanced legal services in a way that continues to address the specific needs of clients? This session will introduce participants to the principles of human-centred legal design thinking as a means of problem-solving and solutioning using technology in a manner sensitive to client needs.

Lixian Hantover

Associate Counsel


15h45 - 16h45

Legal Tech Primer session

What works for you? Legal Research, Document Review and Knowledge Management Tools


This session will introduce attendees to current legal research, document review and knowledge management tools, explain the benefits of implementing these in law firm and legal department settings, and provide practical tips for how to make decisions about the adoption and use of such tools in a sustainable manner which improves an individual’s work product and the organisation’s bottomline.



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