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Prepare to be at the forefront of groundbreaking discussions at the intersection of law and technology. TechLaw.Fest brings together subject matter experts, global participants, and thought leaders to delve into thought-provoking topics on AI and Regulation, paving the way for transformative impacts on legal landscapes worldwide.

At TechLaw.Fest, we aim to explore the implications of technology on the way we live and work in-depth and to provide a platform for dialogue, debate, and innovation. Our sessions delve into the intricate complexities of AI governance, ethical considerations, and the regulatory frameworks shaping the future of legal practice. Whether you’re a legal professional, technologist, policymaker, or entrepreneur, TechLaw.Fest provides a space for meaningful connections and discussions.Additionally, don’t miss our legal tech showcase, where industry leaders and innovators demonstrate the latest advancements in legal technology.

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Together, let’s explore the transformative potential of AI and regulation, and unlock new possibilities for legal innovation.


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Practice Area: Others/ Multi-discplinary
Training Level: General
Total 13.5 CPD Points will be awarded ( Day 1 Main Stage:  6.5 CPD Points and Day 2 Main Stage: 7 CPD Points)


Participants who wish to obtain CPD Points must comply strictly with the Attendance Policy set out in the CPD Guidelines. For this activity, participants are reminded to sign in on arrival and sign out at the conclusion of each day of the event in the manner required by the organiser. Participants must not be absent from each day of the event for more than 15 minutes. Participants who attend Day 1 and comply strictly with the Attendance Policy on that day may obtain 6.5 Public CPD Points. Participants who attend Day 2 and comply strictly with the Attendance Policy on that day may obtain 7 Public CPD Points. Participants who do not comply with the Attendance Policy on any particular day of the event will not be able to obtain CPD Points for that day. Please refer to for more information.”


Participation from 100+ Countries


Leverage on thought leaders and mentors


Small face-to-face networking events


Global Speakers from around the world


Exhibition of latest legal and technology solutions


Sharing from the industry experts

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21-22 September 2023 | Summit 1, Level 3, Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre

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