Ms Serena Lim
Ms Serena Lim
Bizibody Technology / Litigation Edge Pte Ltd

Tech Talk Stage Speaker

Serena Lim is the founder and business development director of 3 pioneering legal tech companies in Singapore: Bizibody Technology, Litigation Edge and WYSK. With 24 years dedicated to the advancement of legal technology, her journey has been marked by legal tech evangelism, perseverance, and reinvention.

Before diving into legal tech, Serena practiced real estate and corporate law in Singapore and Hong Kong for 11 years. In 2000, just before the dot-com crash, she co-founded Bizibody Technology, a venture that, despite its early missteps, was pivotal in her evolution from lawyer to dot-com entrepreneur to legal technologist.

In legal tech, she has handled diverse responsibilities, including business development, software design, and project consulting.

Daily, Serena collaborates with lawyers, law firm owners, allied professionals and technologists, to integrate technology into legal practices. Her extensive experience includes automating practice management, trial preparation, and conveyancing case management.

Her favourite development projects include Justice Online – the world’s first pre-trial conference eHearing platform using webcam technology; and InSync – a complete evidence management, trial preparation and presentation platform developed by Wysk and designed by Litigation Edge.

Serena is currently focused on leveraging AI, particularly LLMs (Large Language Models) in legal practice.